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Our Story

Mr. Handianto Tjokro, our founding father, began to show a keen interest in fishing from a young age.  Although he needed to hustle and juggle with many odd jobs just to help support his family financially, he would spare some of his time to go river fishing with one his younger brother.   They would go to countless fishing and shrimping trips, explore different areas, and experiment with various methods to cultivate their knowledge in this field.


Mr. Handianto received his first major break when he was accepted to work under a popular figure in the fisheries industry at the age of 18.  During those times, he went through many successes as well as failures; but he never gave up and kept learning through hands-on experiences.  Eventually, his Hard Work mentality got noticed, people began to invest their trust on this Above-Board teenager. 


At 23 years old, after a few years working and Nurturing himself to work tirelessly in order to be successful, Mr. Handianto could afford to start his own small business in the commercial fishing industry. He managed several fishermen by providing them with nets and loans for operating costs.  He became a reliable supplier to many shrimp and frog processing facilities, and was known for being Dutiful in delivering fresh and quality products. 

Gradually, his reputation preceded him and his business expanded in line with his network. He was popular for having the upmost Integrity in his leadership and in business transactions.  From having one boat to eventually several boats, he had successfully become a trusted figure in the industry.

In 1983, after years of success as a major supplier to processing facilities, Mr. Handianto took a major step forward, together with the second eldest son in the family, Mr. Vanda Tjhia, they founded PT Lola Mina at Pulau Kemarau in Palembang, Indonesia. The company's mission was to consistently deliver the highest quality frozen seafood products from Indonesia to valued customers globally. The two brothers started off PT Lola Mina with great success. 


Three other siblings, Mr. Susanto Tjhia, Mr. Hantowo Tjhia and Mrs Novita Tjhia joined the company after graduating from their respective Universities.  They had distinctive functions and prominent roles in many of the achievements and developments of the company.  Together, they expanded and built another processing plant at Muara Baru in Northern Jakarta. PT Lola Mina relocated to the new site in 1989, and the Palembang plant continued to operate under PT Lestari Magris.


Today, even though professionals have important roles and key positions at both locations, Lola Mina's family culture and the 'handi' values still remains.  Under the leadership of Mr. Handianto and his siblings, Lola Mina group still operate under one guiding principle: Lola Mina Way - where Family begins and Quality never ends.


"There are no secrets to success. 

It is the result of Preparation, Hard Work & Learning from failures."

-  Founder Mr. Handianto Tjokro

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