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Message from our founder

Our success is not only because of hard work and perseverance, but is also largely a result of making the most of all opportunities given by our big Lola Mina Family. From farmers & fishermen, to employees & customers, and to distributors & suppliers, one way or another, we are all attached as part of a family.


Lola Mina Way is all about embracing every responsible stakeholder to become a part of us. We want our family values, the “HANDI” values, to reside in each and every one of us, so that everyone feels responsible and has a strong sense of ownership throughout the supply chain.  It is about having that dedication to protect our home and environment.  It is about our family in Indonesia giving high quality experiences by delivering the best quality products and services to all our valued family members globally.

Lola Mina is where family begins and quality never ends.


Mr. Handianto Tjokro

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